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:-)Since I last posted my last message I have had my blood test results back for my Thyroid and all is fine.I have found that now I drink only one cup of instant coffee in the morning(to wake me up!Very soon afterwards I developed a sick feeling in my tummy and my heart began to race - but at a regular pace.I went to bed and the extremely fast heartbeat continued for some hours. (anonymous)I experienced palpitations in my 30ties and 40ties and found them frightening My GP reassured me and I had a normal ECG.

I have been put on beta blockers to see if they can control them. I do have a family history of a rare heart complaint, but the docs. However much docs tell you not to worry,you can't help but be concerned about it.Have learned to live with it.i have read the other messages, and i will give some advice, never take stimulints ie, coffee, coke, tea, when you don\'t need them.you can\'t take a coffee and sit down and watch tv.Nothing was ever found wrong with my heart but I was nervous.A visiting locum who called one evening after I had a long bout of heart irregularity asked me about tea and coffee and tiredness.

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I started getting palpitations at the same time as the symptoms of menopause started and put it down to that.

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