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We wanted to have good reach with this and specifically target the people on the adidas Originals page on Facebook.

Judging by the visual result of both you couldn’t tell which approach was used. Nothing special going on here but code for the curious: [as] private function fill Map( ) : void [/as] Now we have a 360x100px Bitmap Data (image Lookup Map) that looks kinda weird but doing a get Pixel on it returns a color value that is then used as an index to read out an image from a Vector. After this is completed the original video that was stretched down is stretched up again and drawn on top with Blend Mode.

This would support any number of images too, the closest one is always returned. In addition the algorithm didn’t scale that well as adding a new image exponentially increased the processing time.

This is a bad user experience and we started looking for another solution (even if it’s a couple seconds on unresponsiveness).

adidas Originals will hit 10 million fans on their Facebook page soon.

Do something to thank these people for being part of the community. After numerous rounds of concepting with the team we come up with the idea of celebrating the fans instead the celebrities. The execution of this was to create a short video that includes the fans in an interactive video mosaic style piece.

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The previously mentioned #006282 has a HSV value of (Hue: 195°, Saturation: 100%, Value: 51%) so it would end up at x:195 y:51.

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