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Human experience is by some described in terms of four mind states: waking, dream, deep sleep, and a fourth state which is available through the energies of sexual orgasm.The potentials (drops) which give rise to these states are described, together with the processes that flow from them.It is an active Vajrayana tradition, one offered to large public audiences.The tradition combines myth and history, whereby actual historical events become an allegory for the spiritual drama within a person, drawing symbolic lessons for inner transformation towards Buddha nature.

He is said to have expelled all the heretics from his dominions but later, after hearing their petitions, allowed them to return.

Along with King Suchandra, ninety-six minor kings and emissaries from Shambhala were also said to have received the teachings.

The Kālacakra thus passed directly to Shambhala, where it was held exclusively for hundreds of years.

For their benefit, and the benefit of all living beings, he explained the Kālacakra teachings.

In 59 BCE he abdicated his throne to his son, Puṇḍārika, and died soon afterwards, entering the sambhogakāya of Buddhahood.

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The phrase "as it is outside, so it is within the body" is often found in the Kālacakra tantra to emphasize the similarities and correspondence between human beings and the cosmos; this concept is the basis for Kālacakra astrology, but also for more profound connections and interdependence as taught in the Kālacakra literature.

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