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She promised to advise the President and make sure something is done to bring Bulawayo back to its status of being the country’s industrial hub.Bryan White to relocate to the village as Kampala is full of haters Other artists also respond to Bebe Cool's list Greatest of all time 100 Chameleone songs Chameleone responds to Bebe Cool's list BEBE Cool awards and recognitions to become official SK Mbuga shows off another Lamborghini Fik Fameika does a Kutama on his new wheels Socialite Bryan White released on bail This was expected that after their respective parties, these two rivals would start from where they stopped, and that's exactly what they did, Zari is now calling Hamisa a mosquito and up there is Hamisa's response...Read More As one of the Sponsors of the Gal White Party, Spark TV was not to cover the Zari All White Party, at least as per the terms that the two parties agreed upon, but when Sheila tuned Spark TV, all she could see was the Zari All White Party..Read More Either Hamisa Mobetto is too tall or Sheila Don Zella is too short, but that is what the above pic reveals.The First Lady who waited patiently for her turn to be served in the long queue, had first-hand experience of the long process patients go through to be served.

Zari is currently in Tanzania for a 40-day-party and also establish the facts on the ground regarding the new baby momma...

I want to encourage staff at our hospitals to be friendly to members of the public, especially patients.

It’s their mandate to serve the patients.“I understand that the hospitals are facing many challenges which include shortage of medicines and other consumables.

Nurses at the two hospitals were caught unawares making it easy for the First Lady to experience what the patients go through when seeking treatment at the health institutions.

At one of the hospitals, the nurses attending to her told her that there were no cards at the hospital and wrote her details on a piece of paper and asked her in a rude manner if she had the money to pay for the services.

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The programme will spread to all provinces in the country so that we reach out to as many children as we can.“My tour will help me find out what is happening to these children who have been abandoned, see what they need and how I can help them,” said Cde Mnangagwa.“As I visit them, I’m giving out bedding, food, sanitary wear and clothes,” she said.

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