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"Obscene things being said in the name of the flag Should make most people want to GAG!" Case in point, irony notwithstanding, gag order notwithstanding.Tucker Max published a rich account of their relationship on his website, which contains a trove of details of numerous of his sexual escapades. Johnson in the future, (or anyone name Katy for that matter), not to mention any other Johnsons or Miss Vermonts.The court order demands the removal of any reference to Ms. What makes the case so interesting is that both parties use their real names as brand extensions to sell themselves and related products, essentially presenting themselves as public figures, particularly relevant to the legal aspects pertaining to privacy.

The very first page of the initial complaint, filed on Ms. Santucci, tends to highlight the essence of the suit.

Tucker Max is every sibling of a sister -- or parent of a daughters -- worst imaginable suitor. His two books, "Belligerence & Debauchery" and "The Definitive Book of Pickup Lines" are not just sold on his web site but are carried by Barnes & Noble.

His voracious sexual appetite, (frequently fulfilled it seems, if the messages on his web site are to be taken at face value), serves as the creative core of his career as a writer, allowing him to turn almost every sexual conquest into a graphically detailed account of the shared experience. At first glance, his writing reveals him to be an arrogant, self-centered asshole with both an attitude and a drinking problem that leaves you wondering why someone's brother or father hasnt already beaten the shit out of him, (if not a newfound understanding of where Lorena Bobbitt was coming from). Santucci cant understand the core of what my literature is about." Tucker Maxs autobiographical essays indeed contain adult themes and lots of sex -- enough to garner the attention of (surprise) an MTV producer, which resulted in an appearance on MTV's Sex2K.

" depicts three girls looking like Spice Girls raising 'girl power' fists, while two cartoons later, a woman clasping a mans hand informs "Happiness is Gods sign that you have peace of mind." With cutesy phrases like "Stalking," Ms. Which raises another interesting part to the "he said/she said" angle of this saga. Max described in his story as a hot and heavy seduction that began under a gazebo in the middle of Mizner Park in Boca Raton, Florida, Ms. Johnson was willing to take this matter legally, although he characterized her as "a fighter," even though she is upset. She does not want to do media interviews, and wanted to tell her side of the story so that requests from the media would stop," said Mr. Asked if the issuing of another press release would perpetuate rather than quell media interest, Mr. "I want to avoid making this a personality issue -- a he said/she said -- but rather a precedent that establishes new legal ground.

Johnsons site appears to be hitting straight back at Mr. "A guy is saying things about me that just arent true. " a forlorn looking cartoon character asks a cow in a MOOT court (Im not making this up). Johnsons lawsuit contends, in Count III, is common law battery. Max of making physical contact "willingly, wantonly, and with malicious intent in order to cause harmful or offensive touching to the plaintiff." A charge at odds with Mr. "The battery claim is a jurisdictional ploy, which Tucker denies completely. Calder responded that the flood of media suggested it was time to issue the release, without doing interviews, so Ms. Johnsons "status as Miss Vermont and Miss Vermont USA somehow thrusts his web site into the category of a 'presentation having a current and legitimate public interest,' this subsection still requires that the public interest being served is 'current'." He asserts further that since Ms. Everyone agrees I should be should be able to say what I want." The worst offender in this case, however, is neither Katy Johnson nor Tucker Max.

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