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Pankration itself was an event in the Olympic Games for some 1,400 years.

There were neither weight divisions nor time limits in pankration competitions.

The contest itself usually continued uninterrupted until one of the combatants submitted, which was often signalled by the submitting contestant raising his index finger.

The judges appear, however, to have had the right to stop a contest under certain conditions and award the victory to one of the two athletes; they could also declare the contest a tie.

The only things not acceptable were biting and gouging out the opponent's eyes.

Each tournament began with a ritual which would decide how the tournament would take place.

Stories abound of past champions who were considered invincible beings.

Arrhichion, Dioxippus, Polydamas of Skotoussa and Theogenes (often referred to as Theagenes of Thasos after the first century AD) are among the most highly recognized names.

The pankration event for boys was established at the Olympic Games in 200 B. In pankration competitions, referees were armed with stout rods or switches to enforce the rules.

In fact, there were only two rules regarding combat: no eye gouging or biting.

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