Dns server reverse lookup zone not updating

DNS and DHCP are like peas and carrots, as the saying goes—DHCP hands out the addresses, but doesn’t communicate to other network hosts who has what address; DNS knows how to correlate names to addresses but doesn’t hand out addresses itself.

Network Monitor shipped with Windows Server 2003 allow you to monitor network activity and use the gathered information to manage and optimize traffic, identify unnecessary protocols, and to detect problems with network applications and services.

You can use the Network Monitor version included in Windows Server 2003 to capture and analyze the traffic being received by the DNS server.

Before you can use Network Monitor to capture DNS data, you first have to install it.

You can determine resource usage by monitoring trends.

System Monitor can be displayed in a graph, histogram, or report format.

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Because Active Directory-integrated zones store their zone data in Active Directory, and not in DNS zone files, you have to monitor and examine replication for Active Directory–integrated zones by examining Active Directory replication.

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