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It reached the height of its power in the fifteenth century, not long before being conquered by the Incas.The Chimú state originated in the Moche Valley, where its capital Chan Chan lay.Excess from fishing and marine gathering was then used to barter for other goods.The Chinchorro culture of South America was a preceramic culture that lasted from (7,000 to 1,500 B. The people forming the Chinchorro culture were sedentary fishermen inhabiting the Pacific coastal region of current northern Chile and southern Peru.Like the Moche before them, the Huari were a warrior society that appreciated fine artistry and design.Coastal Huari cultures produced textiles of the highest quality.

There are some large coastal middens that have been excavated.Their ceramics, although less refined than those of Tiwanaku, stressed solid construction, bold design, and a rich use of colors.Later, Huari was the center of a militaristic Empire that dominated much of the Peruvian highlands and coastal region during the early part of the Middle Horizon. For reasons unknown, Huari and its large urban centers like Cajamarquilla, collapsed at around 800 A. This marks the end of urban life in southern Peru - until the Inca arrive.That line is much fuzzier when there’s no element of sexual attraction.You can’t really walk up to someone you think you’d have friend chemistry with in a bar and be like, “You seem nice, want to come over and watch 14 episodes of , look at magazines, and order tacos?

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