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You will also receive a bridal packet/workbook containing all your pre-wedding day homework and copies of your legal documents.Inside your folder will also be a list of recommended vendors; such as, traveling hair and make up artists, videographers, florists, DJs, etc.

She held many qualities that reminded me of myself & details of our lives seemed to mesh more similarly then one would think for having polar opposite career lines. She was a mom, & since my lifelong dream was to be one some day, I loved her for it. These small minor details may seem silly and irrelevant, but they really do paint the picture. I'm also sure that your head is spinning with a million things you have to get done before the big day, but when it comes to your wedding photography, this should be the fun part!Photography is one of the most important parts of your wedding day because it's about an overall experience, not just a final product.I knew “my day” would come, and I also knew I would spend it as a KNP bride.The more I talked about Kaitlin and her work and followed her, the obsession turned into pure admiration and love.

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  1. This class will guide you through a design process to: observe your past recognize your present challenges start designing your future relationships.