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Some years ago, a cranky food critic passing through named San Diego the "worst food city in America." Once there may have been a shred of truth there, but it was hyperbole then, and nowhere close to the truth today.Restaurateurs have realized that San Diego, surrounded by farms and ocean, offers abundant high-quality ingredients, and local joints like Cesar, The Red Door, Trust, and Campfire have taken to working directly with farmers, ranchers, and fishermen to produce fantastic, environmentally responsible dishes.

That includes the likes of New York City’s Danny Meyer, Philadelphia’s Steven Starr, and Baltimore’s Spike Gjerde.

Every day in Santa Fe can be Christmas: Red chile sauce and green chile sauce slathered side-by-side on your enchilada, burrito, or chile relleno like a piquant Yuletide fiesta.

Originally sourced during Columbus’ voyages into the Caribbean, chiles arrived in Santa Fe when the Spanish founded the town in 1610, and some of the recipes you’ll find at local landmarks like La Choza and the Shed are almost as old.

We put the question to dozens of veteran travelers and found some surprising answers.

Some of these spots are out-of-the-way mid-sized towns; others are big cities where some combination of abundant talent, great farms and fishing, and respect for traditional food have made them bona-fide dining destinations.

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  1. Mesti ada yang hairan, kenapa kakak aku tu sebok nak jadi match maker. Aku lebih suka keluar dengan kawan-kawan perempuan, sepupu-sepupu, adik beradik dan ahli keluarga aku sendiri. Aku tak pernah pergi date sejak clash dengan ex boyfriend aku dulu. Bukan mudah menjalani kehidupan sebagai anak angkat. Mungkin perkara pertama yang akan aku lalui apabila menjadi wanita muda berusia 23 tahun adalah mengenali lelaki bernama S. Kalau korang jadi aku, korang nak buat apa dengan lelaki tu?