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In which Dongho is a highschool drop out in a gang and Minki is a fiesty highschooler. He has a job at a restaurant far from school because the school does not allow students to do things that will affect their grades especially working. Do all 20 boys end up happy or was this just a decision set up for heart break? ” dongho crawled over his boyfriend, straddling his hips.“horny, maybe.

However he does not have the best childhood and family, which is also the reason why he have to find a job and support himself. “To keep being an actor, that’s the real struggle.” Happy endings aren't as common as we think, but Seonho is forced to speak his mind during the final elimination of Produce 101 season 2 and surprising announcements are made.

JR started, "I think it's difficult to simplify the year with one particular word.

There were so many things that happened we didn't expect." Ren continued, "I think NU'EST shined the most this year thanks to all the fans." Aron and Baekho agreed with the two other members by expressing how unbelievable the year was and how it was filled with both tears and happiness.

Apalagi ketika ia mengetahui ia tengah mengandung anak dari laki-laki misterius itu. The members of the Acupuncture Club can be wild in their group chat.

[DISCONTINUED] Hidup Minhyun itu sederhana, dia hanya ingin menjadi penyanyi dan bertemu Idolanya tapi hidup sederhananya musnah sejak ia menolong laki-laki berkulit tan namun memiliki suhu tubuh sedingin es.

pairs are listed in their respective chapter titles for easy navigation.] Aron is best friends with Ren. I have had a special connection to the other side for as long as I can remember.

I’ve given strangers and friends last words and affirmation of their loved ones’ peace.

You often do the nail-art, did you personally design it? If it’s a difficult character to draw, I ask her/him to do it.

too bad that it was going to only get harder.(or: when popular, nice scholarship kid lee daehwi is suddenly subjected to bullying, and his best friends, totally-not-his-crushes, park jihoon and bae jinyoung - also the power couple of the school - can't believe this is happening) [social media/narrative format] When a person comes of age, a red ribbon appears, connecting them to their soulmate.[a collection of short stories within the red ribbon (string) of fate! Any messages spirits may have for the living are passed through me; sometimes very persistently.

au -- basically me dumping all the ships I've ever wanted to write into one place. Sometimes spirits are hard to ignore and I must reach out to a living loved one, skeptic or not.

The members also picked out the most memorable moments of the year.

For JR, he chose the opportunity of him becoming a permanent member for the first time on a variety program, 'Night Goblin', and the time when they achieved first place on a music program much like Aron.

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