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ICE seized the painting and returned it to Stern's estate in a repatriation ceremony on April 21, 2009.

This portrait also led to the recovery of the 16thcentury oil painting, "St.

At these workshops, scientists and experts provide instruction on the handling, documentation, storage and photography of different types of artifacts; and attorneys and HSI special agents train customs officers, fellow agents, and prosecutors on investigative methods.

Stolen art, looted antiquities, fraudulently acquired artifacts - these are the little known casualties of war. In the years since, technology has made it easier for thieves and traffickers to move these priceless items around the globe.

During World War II, the drawings were stored for safekeeping in a castle, which was occupied in 1943 by Russian troops, who took the drawings home with them.

Jerome," another one of Stern's masterpieces stolen by the Nazis.

On November 9, 2009, ICE returned the Bible to the Jewish Community of Vienna on the 71-year anniversary of Kristallnacht (Crystal Night), or Night of Broken Glass, when the Gestapo coordinated an attack on the Jewish people and their property. 1, 2009, ICE returned the painting in a ceremony held at the Brussels Jewish Museum in Belgium to the subject’s surviving son In November 2003 ICE returned a 14th century Hebrew manuscript, stolen by the Nazis during World War II, to the Jewish Community Organization of Vienna, Austria.

The unit works closely the Department of State's Holocaust Art Recovery Working Group and Cultural Heritage Unit.

Our specially trained investigators and attachés in more than 40 countries not only partner with governments, agencies, and experts who share our mission to protect these items, but they train the investigators from other nations and agencies on how to find, authenticate and enforce the law to recover these items when they emerge in the marketplace.

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The Bible, lost to its Jewish owners that night, consists of two volumes and includes works of scholars dating back to the 11th century A portrait of a little girl wearing a blue dress alongside her pet rabbit at her family’s winter home in Ohain, Belgium, was painted by Antoine “Anto” Carte, a Belgian artist, in 1932. The manuscript is one of the oldest versions of the Kabalistic text known as “Sepher Yetzirah” and is valued at approximately $68,000. citizen, had smuggled the manuscript into the United States after purchasing it from an antiquities dealer in Israel.

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