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It is a paid translator that has a job of replying to sometimes 50 men or more a day.You will notice that the replies to your letters are simple templated letters.Nor cheap, a video chat is around 1 to 2 dollars a minute, and you will get some small talk nothing of interest.Some girls will make you a promise if you come to Ukraine she will meet you at the airport. Most girls are trained to keep you chatting because she is being paid for every minute she does.Yes, I was fooled by this too, but the more I noticed over the years was upsetting.

Now to go on a tour with other companies, it will cost from 00 to 00 you will meet a lot of girls but no time to date them.

I once read that over 5 billion dollars are spent every year on Ukraine dating sites. I have used many different sites some with video some with live chat and some just basic letters only. They all have big catch lines Ukraine women seeking America men or Ukraine girls looking for older men.

Yes it is true what they write but how do you find these girls -women none will tell you that.

So stay away from this unless you just are so bored or lonely.

Now about the letters, for the most part, the girls in the photos are not the ones writing you.

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